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About Us – Christchurch New Zealand Accommodation

We are here to provide you with some unbiased, honest feedback on the accommodation you will find in and around Christchurch, New Zealand.  We aim to find the hidden gems in accommodation in Christchurch.

When we can, we will provide feedback from guests, how we see the premises or comments we have heard through the grapevine.  You are welcome to put forward comments or ask to answer any extra questions you may have.

Robina has a diploma in Hotel/Motel management, has run a lodge, worked in hotels and motels for many years and loves the hospitality industry.  She has also travelled extensively on business staying in accommodation at various places globally.

If there is a property that you would like us to check out for you, post a comment and we will add it to our list…here’s to getting you in accommodation that suits your purpose when you come to stay in Christchurch, New Zealand!

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