How Did the 2010 Christchurch Earthquake Affect the Christchurch Accommodation?

September 2010 Earthquake
Our Local Shops

Christchurch accommodation has most certainly been affected by the 4 September 2010 earthquake.  In saying that, I must say that many establishments have come through with very little damage at all.  Some others have an uncertain future.

One thing about the earthquake is that there was some very unusual damage.  Things happened that defied logic.  Many parts of Christchurch had very little damage while isolated pockets suffered severely.

The backpackers market was one of the most disrupted types of accommodation. Charlie B’s, Coker’s Hotel and X-Base, three of the biggest backpackers all sustained damage impacting on the business.  I will be going through Christchurch accomodation properties and bringing you up-to-date feedback from them on their properties.

It is great to see that the YMCA is fully operational including their backpacker accommodation.  Another smaller property servicing the backpackers is Thomas’s Hotel in Hereford Street.  This is an old wooden property and although they did lose a couple of brick chimneys, they are back to normal now.

Many central Christchurch properties lost their chimneys; all are very unlikely to be replaced.  The earthquake really has cleaned up a lot of the older, less stable buildings and although we have lost character buildings I am sure there will be some exciting new developments built.

Christchurch Earthquake
Christchurch Earthquake

Another type of property that has been affected by the earthquake is the B&B (bed and breakfast) market.  We will be featuring many of these in future posts on this site.

The odd larger hotel has not escaped damage either.  It surprised me when I went to the Copthorne Hotel on the corner of Durham and Kilmore Streets late last week to find that it had restricted access.  The other two Copthorne Hotels seem to be functioning as normal and we will let you know more on this news.

If there is any Christchurch accommodation property you would particularly like feedback on, send us a message and we will do our best to find out for you exactly what is happening.

We will be keeping our eyes open and ears to the ground to bring you feedback.  If you want to know what is happening on the Christchurch accommodation scene, save this site to your favourites now.

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