Christchurch Has All Seasons

Christchurch Botanic Gardens
Botanic Gardens in Spring

Unlike parts of New Zealand further north, Christchurch has all seasons of the year. The deciduous English trees stretch their bare branches to the sky in the clear frosty days of winter. Usually a snowfall will cover the city in white once or more during the winter.

Later the trees will become green-tipped and then turn into blossom during spring. The city is beautiful with colourful flowers – a great time to visit the ‘Garden City’ of New Zealand.

During the long summer months the hot nor’westerly flows down from the Southern Alps and the green trees gradually fade. The warm summer invites people to spend time at the rivers, beaches or the pools. Most of the main rivers in the countryside around Christchurch are braided rivers with clear water.

The trees paint the city in brilliant reds and oranges for the autumn season and the leaves start to fall as we head back to winter.

Each season sees residents and visitors making the most of the climate. Lakes, mountains, beaches and rivers are all within a few hours drive from the city. Christchurch itself is perfect for cycling around, being set on the Canterbury plains it is basically flat – you can hire a bicycle and go where the mood takes you.

Christchurch has all seasons and this may help you decide when you would like to stay.

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