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On 4th September 2010 the Christchurch New Zealand Accommodation scene changed forever.  Christchurch city was rocked by a 7.1 magnitude Richter scale earthquake. Since then we have experienced over 10700 aftershocks.

A devastating 6.3 magnitude shock on 22nd February 2011 caused destruction all around Christchurch city, in particular the Central Business District (CBD) and a number of suburbs have been wiped out.  181 people have been confirmed dead as a result of that aftershock.

une 13th 2011 saw another earthquake over 6 magnitude causing more damage with another 23rd December 2011.  We still experience regular good shakes although in part of the city these are hardly noticed while other parts it is really scary.

The central city has been dramatically changed and there are ongoing questions as to whether all will be rebuilt in the same place.

Our city has been turned upside down and many people have left in search of calmer residences.  Most people remain living in the city although I would expect it has at least passed through most people’s minds as to whether to stay or leave.

Conversation started off with discussion on whether you live in the green, orange, red or white zone all dependent upon the state of the land your house is built on. Green was you can go ahead and repair or rebuild, orange was unsure and red was the government will be reclaiming the land so you will be moving and your home being destroyed.  White was yet to be assessed.

Now life goes on for most unless you are in the TC3 zone.  The green zones turned into shades and the blue green is the TC3 zone.  In this zone, the land underneath is suspect and we have to wait for drilling to be done nearby and your land to be categorized on it’s stability.

Just imagine living in a home for 30-40 years and suddenly you have to go. This is the situation many are faced with.  Homes they have tended the garden of for all those years.  There favourite plants destroyed in what took seconds of mother nature’s power.

Each time you feel a shake your body stills as you tense up in case it is another of the ‘big one’s’…

So what about the accommodation in Christchurch?

The danger areas are closed so you will find the accommodation that is open now is standing up to the quakes and it is quite unlikely that you will experience a major shake.  If you are at all nervous about the shakes I would go for low rise accommodation out to the west.

The shakes have certainly slowed down although we do have periods of shakiness.  As I said a large percentage of the homes in Christchurch do not even feel the shakes we are getting these days.

There is no need to stay away from Christchurch – stay in a low rise and the risk will be very minor.

There is a big demand on accommodation as often people need to move out of their homes for repairs to be made.  It has most certainly changed the face of Christchurch New Zealand Accommodation.

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