Is Christchurch in New Zealand hilly or flat?

Don’t know where I’d find this information!



Editor’s Comment – Try flat with a back drop of hills.  Christchurch New Zealand is on the edge of the Canterbury Plains, a large flat land mass.  The large percentage of Christchurch is on the flat.  However, the Port Hills form a natural backdrop to the city and offer a range of property with views over the city and plains to the mountains, and/or across the sea.


  1. Both.
    The bulk of the city and suburbs are dead flat, but the outer suburbs to the south-west are hilly.
    Check it out on google earth. Type in Christchurch. Check New Zealand.
    The city will then come up on the screen. By moving your cursor around the city and suburbs you get a reading in 'feet above sea-level' on the bottom line.
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  2. FLAT!!!! Very flat!!. The only hills are on the outskirts and not all that hilly. It is a beautiful city if you like flat. Lots of people ride bikes there for this reason.
    It's Wellington that's hilly , bit like San Francisco only minimized. Wellington is beautiful In January. Christchurch is beautiful in Spring and Autumn
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  3. I have just come back form Christchurch and it is really flat in the city itself. It is surrounded by mountains. if you only want to stay in the city then city shoes are good, but if you want too explore then walking shoes are necessary, there is allot of beautiful countryside an hour or two away. In a few hours the landscape changes amazingly, it is, in this aspect, allot like Australia. It is a fascinating and amazing country.
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