What Time is it in Christchurch, New Zealand?

It is the 14th April at 12.26am as I write this… New Zealand is not currently in their daylight saving period. New Zealand Daylight Saving starts in September and ends in March/April. I will not be more specific than that at this stage as there are people within the government that would like to extend the New Zealand Daylight Savings period at either end. As we experience our summer in that period it means that we have some great evening hours over summer and some parts of the country have light until after 10pm in the evening. This is great for the barbeque evening with some sport, not so good for getting the kids off to sleep though!!

How do our times compare with other parts of the world? Well there are plenty of websites that cater for this, just go into one of the search engines and type in ‘time zones’. For those that are not so familiar I will put up some of the most known for comparison. The New Zealand Standard Time zone is an hour behind the New Zealand Daylight Time and the New Zealand Standard Time is 12 hours ahead of Greenwich Mean Time (GMT). This is the basis of the time system and when you talk about the time in different areas you will often see them listed as a number + or – GMT. London is on GMT unless it is British Summer Time and then London will be one hour ahead of GMT. Eastern Standard Time is the time in New York and this is 5 hours behind GMT. Australia is not on Daylight Saving time and their time is 10 hours ahead of GMT.

The summer time zones can create confusion in understanding time zones. For this reason, I would recommend you become familiar with one of the time zone websites and check that site each time. Different sites explain the zone differences in different ways and some people will like one style, others will prefer another. I like the site www.worldtimezone.com.

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